Wednesday 25 March 2015

Competitive, me?

So I'm still loving my FitBit! It reay is the best way to make sure I keep moving.
I join weekly challenges and daily ones too. I find myself checking in all day long to make sure I'm still on top. Nothing makes me more mad than seeing that message saying someone snuck past me!
I instantly start pacing the room while thinking of ways to increase my step count.
I'm going for walks, running on the treadmill and on occasion running on the spot in my closet because someone suck past me while I wasn't paying attention. 
Sure I may be a little "obsessed" I may be "taking it too far" or even acting "crazy" but I'm actually making the steps. I'm actually moving and that can't be bad, right? 
If it's a little competition that gets you moving, that's okay.
I'm sure my FitBit nemesis, the one who magically makes 10'000 steps in 30 mins and always seems to walk further than I do, no matter how many steps I make. I'm sure she is making the steps, as much as sometimes I think she's sharing it with someone else because she seems to walk 24/7, or she's sitting and tapping the FitBit while watching movies, but either way it makes me move more.
Now if I could just find a way to be just as competitive with eating healthier, everything would be great!