Sunday 7 August 2016

The Saskatoon farm

Who knew that only 15 minutes away a beautiful hidden world exists. It's like driving into a fairy tale of snow white proportions. I almost expected to see the seven dwarfs show up.
From the deer and birds as you drive up, to the beautiful walk through of trees, this place is well worth the visit.
The berry picking season is short at best here in Alberta, but this year was especially short, 10 days, that's it!! 
Our first attempt hubby and I went on Saturday July 30th, the line up of cars was far too long for my not all that patient hubby, so we turned around, thankful we were on Vacation and planned to go during the week. The hope of no line up and all the berries I could pick keeping my smile on my face.
Thursday morning we head back to the little heaven hideaway, dressed in my berry picking outfit complete with cowboys boots (ready for the farm) 
We drive right up, no line up our pick of parking spots, nestalgia and excitement building in me. We smile and say good morning to the staff we see, they are friendly. That is until we go into a little store and inquire about the berry picking.
The lady behind the counter seemed a bit annoyed, wether at us for not knowing the season was already over, or for the fact that the season was in fact already over. Disappointed, but happy to know we could check out the fresh picked produce at the restaurant.
We picked up some beats, carrots, and potatoes. So not a total bust. And they were delicious!! Is there anything more tasty than carrots right out of the garden? 
We hope to go back again next year, but hopefully we won't miss the season this time! 
I would suggest they pay more attention to their website, maybe keeping it up to date about what's available and such would benefit not only the people looking to go there, but them also. 
Overall, definitely a place for everyone in #yyc to check out! 

Friday 23 October 2015

Author Jo-Anne Sieppert : Nightmare on elm street

Author Jo-Anne Sieppert : Nightmare on elm street: On my search for what's scary I watched  Nightmare on elm street, a classic. Or so I am told when talking to other horror movie buffs. I...

Nightmare on elm street

On my search for what's scary I watched Nightmare on elm street, a classic. Or so I am told when talking to other horror movie buffs. I remember enjoying them back in the day, I just don't remember if they were scary then. Well they aren't now.

Much like Poltergeist the effect are terrible. Granted they were great for their time, so this in my opinion makes the movie not stand the test of time. 
The premise is good. Evil guy comes into your dreams and takes you into a nightmare, brilliant! Then enter the special effects, and they over shadow the possibilities.
Now before you get mad and yell about how it was the 80's and the effects were ground breaking and all that, I get it, I really do! I just think there could have been something timeless in this story idea, something that could not just give you nightmares but your children, and your children's children.
I mean the song, oh my god, chills.
But that's where they end.

"One two Freddie's coming for you,
Three four better lock your door,
Five six get your crucifix..." Chills! 

Thursday 22 October 2015

The fear project


Fear is in everyone, we fear the unknown, the consequences, the loss, the fight, and most importantly, fear it's self. 

What makes a story truly terrifying?
What is it that makes the difference between making someone jump verses making them not be able to sleep?

Let's find out! 

I'm a huge horror movie fan, but there are so many that are laughable, not at all scary! So I'm going to write my own.
But first I intend to watch as many as I can, until my brain goes numb. I want to find out what works, what doesn't, and what it is that makes them great.

Some of the so called "classics" must have something that made them terrifying in their day, but most of them now wouldn't make the cut. Are there any timeless ones out there that can scare the hell out of generation after generation?

Star Wars, E.T., Jurrassic Park, all timeless, but try watching Nightmare on Elm street now, trust me I did and it was ridiculous! Why? Stay tuned and I'll tell you! 

Saturday 17 October 2015

The scary project

After watching terrible horror movie after terrible horror movie, desperately waiting for something so frightening it never leaves the soul. Yet finding nothing but disappointment. 
I have to wonder, is it even possible to frighten people anymore? Are we so bombarded with real terrible things going on in the world that the simple creak on the stairs of the empty house, moan in the darkness, or feeling that someone is watching you sleep does nothing anymore?

Do those writing this laughable attempt and horror even understand what it is to be afraid of something you can't see? 
Making one jump is not the same as making one sleep with the light on! 

So is it possible to write something truly terrifying? 
I guess there is only one way to find out...

Tuesday 19 May 2015

New me.

It hasn't quite been ten months since my surgery, and I feel like a whole new me!
I feel like I was given a second chance at living. Now I know I wasn't dying, I didn't have a major life saving operation per say, but it did change my life. 
I am in the best shape I've been in, in years, I'm happy, I actually like the way I look, which for a female who's had kids, is a big deal!! 
I'm 10lbs lighter and the scale hasn't moved in well over a month, despite my working out, eating smaller portions, and aside from the occasional treat, eating healthy. But that's okay. Sure I'd like to loose another 5lbs at least, but if I don't but I still feel this good, then I'm okay with that.
The scale isn't as important as we all think. The best way to judge your progress is by how you feel, and how your clothes feel.
I have been slowly buying a whole new wardrobe, and it's filled with skirts and dresses. I haven't been able to wear them in years. Not and still feel good in them, I'm ised to covering myself up in stomach hiding sweaters and pants to start and balance out my middle.
Not any more!!! This weekend I purchased 3 dresses alone, and I can't wait to wear them all.
I have even bought bikinis for my upcoming trip to Maui. I haven't worn a bikini since I was 16 years old. 
I know I still have work to do, there is much to be toned, and my cardio is always in need of help, but I hiked up a mountain, I couldn't have done that before surgery. The extra weight on my stomach slowed me down and put stress on my heart. Since surgery, my heart rate has been great and my cardio has benefited substantially.
I'm a whole new me, and I can't wait to experience more! 

Thursday 7 May 2015


Please help the support ALS! $5.00 from every sale of Walk Gently Through My Mind. Tip Toe Through My Soul will be donated to the Alberta ALS Society