Sunday 7 August 2016

The Saskatoon farm

Who knew that only 15 minutes away a beautiful hidden world exists. It's like driving into a fairy tale of snow white proportions. I almost expected to see the seven dwarfs show up.
From the deer and birds as you drive up, to the beautiful walk through of trees, this place is well worth the visit.
The berry picking season is short at best here in Alberta, but this year was especially short, 10 days, that's it!! 
Our first attempt hubby and I went on Saturday July 30th, the line up of cars was far too long for my not all that patient hubby, so we turned around, thankful we were on Vacation and planned to go during the week. The hope of no line up and all the berries I could pick keeping my smile on my face.
Thursday morning we head back to the little heaven hideaway, dressed in my berry picking outfit complete with cowboys boots (ready for the farm) 
We drive right up, no line up our pick of parking spots, nestalgia and excitement building in me. We smile and say good morning to the staff we see, they are friendly. That is until we go into a little store and inquire about the berry picking.
The lady behind the counter seemed a bit annoyed, wether at us for not knowing the season was already over, or for the fact that the season was in fact already over. Disappointed, but happy to know we could check out the fresh picked produce at the restaurant.
We picked up some beats, carrots, and potatoes. So not a total bust. And they were delicious!! Is there anything more tasty than carrots right out of the garden? 
We hope to go back again next year, but hopefully we won't miss the season this time! 
I would suggest they pay more attention to their website, maybe keeping it up to date about what's available and such would benefit not only the people looking to go there, but them also. 
Overall, definitely a place for everyone in #yyc to check out!