Thursday 22 October 2015

The fear project


Fear is in everyone, we fear the unknown, the consequences, the loss, the fight, and most importantly, fear it's self. 

What makes a story truly terrifying?
What is it that makes the difference between making someone jump verses making them not be able to sleep?

Let's find out! 

I'm a huge horror movie fan, but there are so many that are laughable, not at all scary! So I'm going to write my own.
But first I intend to watch as many as I can, until my brain goes numb. I want to find out what works, what doesn't, and what it is that makes them great.

Some of the so called "classics" must have something that made them terrifying in their day, but most of them now wouldn't make the cut. Are there any timeless ones out there that can scare the hell out of generation after generation?

Star Wars, E.T., Jurrassic Park, all timeless, but try watching Nightmare on Elm street now, trust me I did and it was ridiculous! Why? Stay tuned and I'll tell you! 

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