Monday, 9 June 2014

The politician

The devil cries out through the wind
To the mighty who have blatantly sinned
Who take from the ones who are already poor
And gave to the greedy always needing more
He sees you hiding so cowardly by
I am innocent you shamefully cry
My job I was doing you try to explain
Begging forgiveness when judgment day came
The devil calls out to you his friend 
To live together in your fiery end 
I did the best that I could do 
You shout to the devil who's waiting for you 
Your best you say with all your might
But that doesn't really sound quite right 
Your best would clearly have been far more 
If you were half the man you were before
If you were still the man looking to lead
Instead of the politician driven be greed
If you were the man that promised to please
Instead of the lier now begging on his knees
Forgiveness your people can give for your sins
But not I for I am the hell your torture within 

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