Tuesday, 12 August 2014

12 days later

It has now been 12 days since my surgery and I'm feeling good. Sometimes even great! As long as I don't over do it.
The surgery itself went great. The day of I showed up, full of excitement, ready to leave my pain, discomfort, and unhappiness behinde.
The years of waiting and longing was finally over. There was no room for nerves, no time for doubt. I was on the operating table less than thirty minutes after getting to the surgical center.
I don't remember much after that. I don't remember my friend driving me home, I don't remember the conversation I had with my neighbor I have never formally introduced myself to. I only hope I didn't embarrass myself too bad.
I also don't remember being changed into the nightgown I woke up in, or the having the pictures taken I found in my phone a few days later.
I spent the next few days and nights on the recliner in the family room. Thankfully my youngest son was a trouper and slept on the couch each night with me. We watched movies, tv shows, and hanging out. It was a great way to recover.
The pain sucks, the itch sucks worse. The binder is uncomfortable and the numbing feeling gives me the willies. But OMG is it worth it!!
I can see the results already, I know they will only get better from here. The health issues are fixed and I am going to look great because of it. I couldn't ask for anything more!
The picture I posted are of before and after, then week ones results.
I'm happy so far, and surprisingly excited to get back to the gym. 

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