Sunday, 17 August 2014


My favorite thing to do lately is make juice!
It's silly I know, but it's so tasty, healthy, easy, and I enjoy doing it.
I bought the NutriBullet and all you need aside from that is a bowl, empty bottles or jug, a strainer (if you don't like pulp) and spoon.
I strain the pulp and bake muffins with it, they turn out moist and delicious. 
Orange juice is my favorite. But you can make pretty much anything. I don't follow the recipes that came with the NutriBullet because I never have all the stuff needed. It would be crazy expensive to make them and have a veriety of flavours to choose from.
So this is my recipe for Orange juice.
4 oranges 
1 Lemmon 
Water to the max line on the NutriBullet cups.

This makes 1L of juice, minus the pulp.
It's delicious and good for you! If you don't like orange juice, try whatever fruit you like! 

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