Wednesday, 16 July 2014

15 days to go!

Fifteen days to go until my surgery!! I am beyond excited!
I know I should be a little nervous, but I'm not. I can't wait to feel normal again. To be able to just get dressed in the morning without all the stress clothes give me now! To not have pain and discomfort from my scars and the lack of core strength. No sore back from lifting, no discomfort from running. I can't wait! 
I've been doing what I like to call, pre surgery nesting. I shaved my dogs, a task I don't want to worry about while recovering. I went shopping for all gifts I will need during recovery time, just in case I'm not up to going to the mall after.
I have also bought things to make my recovery better. Such as comfy clothing, cheap bedding, just in case. A blanket to wrap up it when sitting on the deck at night. All things that seem like they maybe important, but may not be. I still have things on my list, like Popsicles I may want while I can't eat much, and favorite foods for when I can eat. 
It's just not coming fast enough lol 
Tomorrow is my pre op appointment, and I will be doing before pictures. So hopefully I will be brave enough to post them! 

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