Sunday, 6 July 2014

The ER

I have been to the ER twice in the last week, my poor friend has been I'll.
Like any friend would do when they get a call saying their BFF is off to the ER, I packed my "all night wait in an ER bag" and headed there to meet her.
Now I will point out that we live at opposite ends if the city, and heading to the north for someone who lives in the south is like going to another city. The culture shock can be alarming. And as most from the south end would tell you, going to some parts of the north is going to the hood.
The hospital is smack dab in the middle of said hood! 
On my second visit, I locked my car securely in the paid parking area, hoping I would see it one piece when I left. And headed to the doors. Now after the first visit I thought maybe I am snobby, or sheltered, or a princess? But my second visit confirmed that is not the case. Or at least not 100% of the case at least.
While heading to the doors, alone at night. I see a couple having sex in the bushes, who actual asked if I had any change, however not stopping to do so. 
A man asked me if I had any chickens for sale. A woman asked if I would watch her baby while she got high. Yet had no baby. (I alerted security) Two kids were a sleep on a bench, with pillows and blankets. (Security alerted again) and finally a man peeing in the bush by the doors. All this before I even made it into the doors! 
I could write a novel about all the different characters in the waiting room. And some probably will make it into a book here and there.
Now I don't mean to sound snobby and judgmental, but I have never seen anything like this at the south hospitals. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, I have just never seen it.
I would like to think that I am accepting of all humans and treat them all the same. I do try my best to. But sometimes humans make it hard!
Especially when drinking alcohol in the ER waiting room, or running out to "smoke a fatty" because you have been waiting so long you're mellow was harshed.
And to the guy who insisted on telling everyone you didn't pay the hooker because she gave you a rash. And the family who brought their kids in because you smoked pot and they now look a funny colour to you. And the man who drove his car over his own foot (not sure how one does that), you are not helping me to not be not so snobby...
Thankfully my car was in one piece when I returned. And the kids on the bench were no longer there. Nor where the couple in the bushes.
And I made it back to the south safe and sound.
I guess I am just a princess lol 

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