Saturday, 10 May 2014


I have eleven weeks to change. OMG!
Change. Could there be a more scary word?
I am, like most a creature of habit. I like what I like and I don't want to give it up. The problem is what I like is food. More specifically, junk food. Chips, candy, cake, chocolate, cookies. Why do they all start with the letter C, that's weird!
You know what else starts with the letter C? Change. And that's going to be my new favorite C word. 
It's not going to be easy, the cravings (gees another C word!) the temptations, the tricks my stomach will play on me; trying to convince me it needs food, more specifically sugar. Frankly it's going to be brutal. 
But it's going to be worth it! I'm going to feel and look great. I'll be healthier, have more energy, and over all feel great.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I want to look great all over, not just in my middle. I don't want to look rediculous.
I know the other reasons are important too. But for me, right now, this is my most important reason.
And if this reason is what motivates me to lose the extra few pounds, which will in turn make me healthier and all that, then it's a win, win.

I'm not new to dieting and trying to be healthy, I've been doing it for a while. My success lately is maintaining my weight by diet while a foot injury has prevented me from working out for almost a year.
It hasn't been easy, there have been times I have eaten too much junk and then tried to make up for it by not eating very much. Not the best way to lose weight, I know.
But this is different. Now my ultimate goal is in sight. The one part of me that no diet or workout routine will change, is being changed in eleven weeks. So now I have motivation for the rest of it.

I have this crazy idea in my head, that if I eat too much junk, then poof! I will be back to the way I look now. And that terrifies me. I know it's not possible. I would have to have a baby for that too happen, and that isn't medically possible any more. But the fear is hopefully enough to help the change I need to make easier. 

I figure if I start now, eleven weeks should be long enough to create my new habits. To detox, to get a head start at transforming my body. I already have a list of all the clothes I want to wear after, and I'm trying to build up the nerve to post a before picture so my after picture will show how different I look. So why not make it the best damn picture I can! 

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