Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Too fast

In one week my oldest son will walk across the stage at his high school graduation. Oh my god! That came way too fast!
It seems like only yesterday I held him in my arms for the first time, this morning that I took him to his first day of school. And dive minutes ago that he started high school. Where did the time go?
People always say they grow up too quick, but at the time when they don't sleep through the night or have temper tantrums for silly reasons, it seems to take forever.
You don't get long to do your job as a parent. To raise a boy into a man or a girl into a woman. So you better make sure every moment counts, every lesson is tought well, and every I love you is said loud and clear.
You won't agree with every choice they make or path they choose to walk. But if you have done your job, you know they will do whatever they choose to do, the best they can.
It's the hardest part of parenting, letting them do it on their own. I remember when he was learning to walk and I held my breath as I let go of his tiny fingers so he could take his wobbly steps. My heart stopped every time his dad let go of the bike seat when he was learning to ride a two wheeler. But each time he did it. He took the next step and made me so proud as he did.
This step may be his biggest step yet, but I have never been more proud of him. 
I know a parents job is never really done, but seeing him grow into the man he has become, makes me happy to know, I did a good job. 
He will walk across the stage next week in the last pair of boots we will buy him. He sure has grown since his first pair! 

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