Monday, 12 May 2014

Ode to Chocolate Cake

Ode to chocolate cake

Oh why oh why 
must you taste so good
I try to avoid you
I know that I should
But you have to sit there
Looking so delicious 
Some try to stop me
And then I get viscous 
Your light and fluffy
Sweet and creamy
I wouldn't mind 
But it's what you do to me
A few moments 
is all you take to devour 
But you make me fat
Unless I run for an hour 
Don't get me wrong
Your worth all the work
But you make me come back 
for seconds 
You jerk
There's no way I can make a two hour run
So now your gonna hang out on my bum 
Bigger and bigger 
you'll watch as I get
Unless I find will power
It's not over yet

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