Monday, 12 May 2014

Cold foot

After almost a year of a foot injury, I am finally trying physiotherapy.
I'm sitting here while my poor foot is wrapped in ice and feeling like it's going to freeze right off, while some massaging machine is supposed to be workin it's magic. But all I can think about is my freezing foot! 
The guy across from me looks to be getting a fantastic deep massage on his back. I wonder how I get one of those? 
The male therapist says to me as he's holding my foot. "Wow you have the tiniest feet, they're so cute." I couldn't help but blush as others in the room turn to look at my feet. It could have been worse, but I now wonder what is a normal foot size for women my height?
I'm 5ft and have size 6 feet. That seems normal to me, I think I would look funny with big feet.
The therapist used three different machines to work on my foot then tried massaging it himself. That didn't go so well, for him. He reached for my foot and grabbed a very tender spot, well my natural instinct kicked in, literally. He was at the right hight to get kicked where no man wants to get kicked.
I'm sure he is not looking forward to our next appointment!

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